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Join us Friday at 8:30 am as we discuss live ways to make society better!

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Sing A Long

This Friday at 8pm it’s when we get together as family and sing, sing, sing live only on

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Family Time, Saturdays @10 am EST on


There is no doubt that in today’s world, everyone has busy lifestyles. Parents and Grand-parents want to spend quality time with their children and grand-children but how often do we hear this excuse...”I just don’t have the time?”

It is even more difficult with today’s competitive job markets, rigorous education systems and the ever increasing technological advances bringing niftier gadgets by the minute…

lil ado on computerAdonai Daniel on computer

It therefore seems like the amount of time a family spend together seems to be shrinking.

But spending time together as a family need not be time consuming and something we dread and barely force to squeeze into our busy schedules. Rather it can be FUN-FILLED and EDUCATIONAL, beneficial to both parents and children.

our family

The whole Family is pictured above: Left to right – Agapé, Shana, Adonai and Donny

That is exactly what we try to do on our FAMILY TIME programme which is live on Saturdays from 10am on

Our Family is UNIQUE in the sense that we have Family Members all over the world…and it continues to grow on a weekly basis as more and more people are logging on and finding out about our programme and joining our Family! Glory be unto God! It brings to mind the song that goes like this …”I’m so glad, I’m a part of the Family of God, I’ve been washed in his fountain, cleansed by His blood! Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel along, I’m so glad I’m a part of the Family of God.”

ado n agape at christmasAdonai and Agapé at Church

Our weekly Family Time programme takes different forms and the content varies weekly. What is constant is prayer, song service and scriptures by six year old Adonai and three year old Agapé Daniel who co-host the programme with their mother Shana Daniel. A typical Family Time Programme begins with Adonai and Agape leading Song Service, reciting scriptures and re-telling biblical stories from their own understanding of the originals. We also have fun hearing from the children and adults in our huge and diverse audience from the country where we broadcast, St. Vincent and the Grenadines known as the Gem of the Antilles and from the Caribbean Islands, North America and beyond. We know that many more are listening and are yet to call us from all the corners of the earth. So Please call us on 347-478-7918

Photo on 7-28-12 at 12.40 PM #4Shana Daniel interacting with a caller

We also tickle your funny bone and rock your brain with some some riddles on the programme.

All in all we have FUN, provide an avenue to expose talent, boost self-esteem, we educate and entertain, and we network with God’s wonderful people around the world as we spend  QUALITY and FUN FILLED FAMILY TIME!


In photo above is the brother/sister duo, Adonai and Agapé Daniel in the Studio bringing you Family Time. Adonnis Byron, a frequent guest on the programme is in the background.


pictured above is three year old Agapé Daniel singing her theme song…”I am wrapped up and tied up and tangled up in Jesus, Jesus is the only way!”


In picture above, six year old Adonai Daniel is getting his praise on! His favorite song is…”Oh you can’t go to heaven without Salvation!”

Photo on 3-27-13 at 9.09 AM

In picture above is Shana Daniel who host the Family Time Programme with her two children Adonai and Agapé Daniel.


In picture above, Agapé is getting her hair washed at Jubilee Beauty Salon, the main sponsor of the Family Time Programme.


So remember to join the team, Shana, Adonai and Agapé Daniel for some FUN FILLED, QUALITY, FAMILY TIME…

cropped-Family-Time-2.jpg   Saturdays at 10am on